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Get ready to experience a revolution in hair care and restoration with the upcoming launch of Medi Hair Loss Clinic later this year.

Our clinic will specialize in comprehensive solutions for hair loss, scalp health, and hair restoration, providing personalized treatments tailored to your individual needs.

Discover a range of cutting-edge hair loss treatments designed to address a variety of concerns, from thinning hair to receding hairlines. Our expert team will guide you through the process, offering support and expertise every step of the way.

Experience the latest advancements in scalp health at our state-of-the-art scalp clinic. From scalp assessments to customized treatments, we’re committed to helping you achieve and maintain optimal scalp health.

Looking to restore your hair to its former glory? Our hair restoration services will offer a range of options, including non-surgical and non-invasive treatments, to help you regain confidence and a full head of hair.

Stay tuned for updates and be the first to know when we officially open our doors. Get ready to embark on a journey to healthier, happier hair with Medi Hair Loss Clinic in Ottawa.

FAQ about Hair Loss & Scalp Clinic

How can I schedule a consultation at a hair loss and scalp clinic for hair loss evaluation and treatment?

To schedule a consultation at a hair loss and scalp clinic for hair loss evaluation and treatment, you can contact the clinic directly via phone, email, or their website to book an appointment with a qualified specialist

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A certified trichologist specializes in trichology, the study and treatment of issues concerning the hair and scalp. The term “trichology” originates from the Greek word “Trikhos,” meaning hair. While trichologists are not medical doctors, they are trained and certified specialists who offer guidance and advice to individuals experiencing hair-related issues like hair loss or scalp conditions. They provide holistic evaluations and treatments for various hair and scalp issues, such as hair loss, scalp conditions like dandruff or psoriasis, and hair-related disorders like alopecia, and often complement the expertise of dermatologists.

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Grace O. Abejide, IAT, WTS, is a certified Trichologist with expertise in hair loss and scalp treatment. She specializes in hair restoration, non-surgical hair replacement, and blood analysis.

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